Customer Reviews


Stephanie Williamson

I suffer from Raynaulds and having been told by a gamekeeper that the wristbands helped with his Raynaulds I thought I would give them a go. They certainly ease the symptoms. I would notice when I was driving my fingers would start to go stiff or numb, wearing the bands has stopped this, they just go cold, so for me a real plus. I am going to purchase a pair for a friend as she suffers from arthritis and also for my husband to see if they ease all his aches and pains.

April 2024


I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the lovely people on the stall at Piping at Forres on Saturday 30th of June. After their demonstration that left me in awe, my Mum and I returned to the stall before long and happened to meet some friends there, who in turn bought bracelets too!
I wanted to say a special thank you to the lovely man, who’s name escapes me, that did the demonstration and then took further time in talking to me about anxiety and how he’s struggled with it in the past but explained how the bracelet would help. I have never met anyone that’s been able to put how I’ve felt into words so I apologise for getting nervous and teary. The time you took to have that small personal conversation with me and my Mum meant everything.
I’ve been wearing the bracelet since we walked away from your stall and I feel amazing. I’ve been so calm. My sleep patterns seem to have improved, even in this heat! And I feel like I have energy to walk for miles each day!

I’ve been raving about your product and will continue to do so, ‘money well spent’ Mum keeps saying!
Thank you for your time and care again

Helen Little

I bought my first wristband about a year ago and instantly noticed that I was feeling much better as my aches and pains disappeared.  There is arthritis in our family and I feel I’m in the early stages of it. A family member said to me that the ION technology doesn’t work but I have proved to myself that it does work by wearing the wristband and feeling the benefits. A friend had been with me when I bought the band and she had purchased one too.  When I asked her had she noticed any difference since starting to wear the band she confirmed similar results to me, a general feeling of wellbeing, more energy and less aches and pains.  I wore the band every day for the last year and was disappointed when it broke a few weeks ago.  I was out buying some pain medication the other day and decided it’s not pain medication I need, it’s a new band! So I have just placed an order.  

Paul Jack 

I cannot thank you guys enough. After buying my wristband Thursday at Blair my continued shoulder pain has effectively gone, still stiff if I push it but the shooting pains that were constant has gone.  I have tried everything to help with it and thankfully after many years I found your selves!

The cause of pain was dislocated shoulder and torn rotator cuff with a calcified bone growth on rotator.

Cannot thank you enough or recommend your products enough.  

Sylvia Nicoll

I bought my wristband at Blair in the Sunday. having suffered from continual knee pain for nearly 3 years after a fracture following a fall from my horse I had given up ever being pain free. I am amazed that from the Monday I have never had even a twinge from my knee. definitely recommend would not be without mine now best money I ever spent

Jillian Muir Hill

Within a couple of hours of wearing the Ion band, my joint pain had subsided. Had the best night sleep I have had in a very long time. This band is never coming back off. Thank you Ion Body Armour!!

Athole Gow 

I have suffered for 35 plus years chronic back pain along with fibromyalgia and nothing lifted the excruciating pain. A visit to Scone game fair and I bought a band. The difference is just mind blowing I have never had the relief this has given me from many other products plus medication. I cannot thank you enough. I also got my son one and his back relief was instant.

Denise Nixon 

I can’t believe the difference in just 24 hours. I’ve had a bad back since my second pregnancy 10 years ago. The last 18 months have been awful. After chatting to the team at Moy game fair I bought a band. And my gosh what a difference the next morning! I could actually get out of bed without rolling myself out. I don’t even think about back pain now, it’s just gone!

Marlene Campbell Murray 

I have suffered for years with atheritis and and other debilitating things, my life was just pills and pain. Tried one of these bands for a week and felt great even my mood had lifted, have ordered 6

D Denness

I recently bought a wrist band at an event suffering from very painful tennis elbows. Extremely pleased after a short time my tennis elbow has gone! Amazing !

James Watson

I have bought a number of ION Body Armour bands for family and friends, they all love them. They are great quality and would highly recommend them.

Lewis McIlhiney

Fantastic product, would highly recommend. I’ve tried a number of different products and therapies to help my sleep pattern and nothing has worked except these bands!

Allison Watson

I tried my band around my dogs collar who suffers severe anxiety. I didnt want to buy a dog tag as ot would be lost like every other dog tag
After 30 mins of walking around the County fair the change in my dog was amazing so we went back to the stall and purchase another band

David Stone

Great product. Worn for 4 years i suffer from a/s and without doubt this product has aided my sleep pattern and pain threshold significantly well.

Martin Duff – Sleep

I cant believe the difference to my sleeping patterns . I have always been a light sleeper however since buying a ION Body Armour band i need an alarm to wake in the morning !!!. I will be recommending to all of my friends.

David Cormack

I visited the stand on 23 Sept at the Scone Gamefair,had called, because of a slight case of arthritis in right hand, was a bit sceptical but decided to try.
I had an accident when I was 17 and have been paralysed down my left side for the past forty years,within 10 minutes of putting band on my left hand I could feel a tingling sensation,and my left arm which has always felt cold dueto circulation is now warm all the time, was that shocked that I went and purchased another set absolutely amazed can’t thank Kevin and Debbie enough

Shirley Hutchon

Today purchased an ION body armour wrist band at scottish game fair. Could not be more delighted. Months of pain and physio with some improvement but 5hours round the show carrying laden bags of goodies and not a hint of pain. Thank you

Elizann O’Kane

I currently live in Cyprus and I purchased 2 of the bands and 1 bone for friends dog. Just after I purchased the bands my husband fell ill and I gave him one to wear and he has been great since !  My mum who is 83 was also very ill and I gave her mine to wear and she made a rapid recovery !! Sounds all a bit of coincidence ! I then gave my friend the bone for her dogs collar and after a few days she asked me what had I done to her dog as she was so placid and not barking at everything and anyone, even her vet was surprised at how calm the dog was. So on that note, I have recommended these bands for their pets also and I have a lot of friends who are looking into getting them. I just need to get around to replacing mine as my husband will not part with it !! Would definitely recommend ! Elizann O’Kane

Darren Frame

Myself and my wife bought these bands at a pop up stall at Truckfest last year and noticed a difference straight away! I had surgery a few years before and have a triangular scar from my breastbone down either side and since surgery there’s been no blood flow around it so it was always cold to the touch. Straight away I felt a pulling feeling around my scar and after a few days I couldn’t believe it was the same temperature as the rest of my stomach I was amazed at how the band helps my blood flow!! We recommended these to family and friends and I have lost count of how many people I know that wear these everyday now for different reasons from frozen shoulder, jaw pain and atheritis to anxiety and stress! They are amazing!

Debbie Johnston

We bought wristbands from Scone Game Fair for my husband, myself and extended family with aches and pains. My husband, a farmer and former rugby player, has various aches and pains from years of hardworking. Since wearing a band theses pains have virtually disappeared. The main area of relief are his hands that feel less restricted and tight, but also his neck and back are so much better, it’s unbelievable!
Personally, I got a band for insomnia due to being per-menopausal, however not only did it sort that out but it has also completely stopped my hot flushes which is amazing and a huge deal for me personally. It was unbelievable at first but within 24hrs of wearing my wristband I experienced not 1 hot flush.
At first I was sceptical so started paying closer attention to my normal peri-menopause symptoms.
Hot flushes stopped. Insomnia resolved. Aches & pains subsided. Bloating gone. Brain fog eased at first but has since debated entirely. I feel happier, I feel more like my old self again it’s unbelievable. I am not on HRT or any other medication for peri-menopause and hopefully won’t have to as long as ion body armour keeps working for me.
Thank you so much for spending 5 minutes explaining this amazing product. It has genuinely changed this current period in my life for the better. I look forward to seeing you expand your range in the future.

Kirstin O’Donnell

The bands are incredible. I’ve never slept so well, my back pain is gone and my stress and anxiety have melted away! My wee boys band is working it’s magic too, he’s less anxious and more happy. Looking forward to seeing how much better it can get! Thanks to Kevin and Geraldine who were so kind, really knowledgeable and empathetic. Highly recommend!

Kerry Spence

Have been wearing my band for about 6 weeks now as I really wanted to try it before reviewing. I noticed immediate results with my anxiety, as I usually struggle with crowded places and felt very calm at the Dublin Horse Show despite the large crowds. It also helped when preparing for a flight, another time when my anxiety usually goes through the roof. I have also noticed a vast improvement in my sleep, it’s not 100% but it is significantly better since starting to wear the band. I have only experienced insomnia once or twice and the quality of sleep I get is great. The other area I have noticed a huge change in is with my vertigo. Since starting to wear the band I haven’t suffered from vertigo at all. This is huge for me as I would have been a regular sufferer, sometimes on a daily basis. Thank you 🙂

Jan Baxter

I have worn these bands 24/7 for many years now since my husband bought me one at the SECC in Glasgow and the arthritis in my hands has not troubled me at all since wearing them. However I had no idea that they were good for arthritis until a couple of years ago when I bought two at a stand at Moy Fair – near Inverness- and the sales people there told me that. We thought that they were for golfers for balance etc. I’ve had no pain, no swelling, no spasms causing my hand to lock for several days etc. so they definitely do work!
Plus I had an issue with one recently and the customer service people sorted it out immediately. Great company. Definitely recommend 100%.

N Laing – Migraines

I have had my ion band for nearly 2 years. It’s never off my wrist and has definitely helped in reducing my  migraine’s.

J. Brown

My mother suffers greatly with arthritis and bought one of your wrist bands at a show recently. She noticed a great improvement in her overall wellbeing

Ann Menmuir

We think the ion bands are excellent my friend john bought one in May and has marvellous results he use to feel dizzy when he first got up on a morning but that’s all gone. We recommended our friend one he had wonderful results he has arthritis in his fingers couldn’t grip that’s all changed he can grip once again.