About ION Products

ION Body Armour products are infused with a combination of minerals that harness the power of negative ions and provide a natural boost to your everyday life.

Able to be worn at all times, ION Body Armour products may help to promote overall health and feelings of wellbeing: much like those experienced after spending time outdoors in the countryside or by the sea.

Created by natural forces and found in varying strengths in the world around us, negative ions can have an incredibly positive effect on your body. Positive ions are found in abundance in our modern world due to technology surrounding us, including electrical appliances, power lines and Wifi , and are often associated with headaches and fatigue.

Having worked with negative ion products for several years, while we find that the effect they have on one person can be very different from the next – the most common experience is that of improved health and wellbeing.

It was our own experience that inspired us to create the ION Body Armour® wristband, where we infuse a combination of minerals with smooth silicone to provide a constant, comfortable source of negative ions to your body.

the benefits of negative IONS


While we find that the benefits of Ion Body Armour products are mainly experienced holistically following a few days – or in some cases, hours – of wear, the following Demonstrations are excellent ways to experience the impact of Negative Ions.

Improved balance

The science of ION Body Armour


“We have exciting results from our latest scientific study* with the University of Stirling. More research on the way to further quantify the affects of wearing ION Body Armour, so watch this space”
*This study only tested ION Body Armour bands, our bands had a minimum negative ion reading of 2000 anions per cm2 (?)- don’t be fooled by imitations.

Why Negative Ions?

Carrying either a negative or positive charge, ions can have a great impact on our every day life. Created by natural forces and found in varying strengths in the world around us, positive ions are associated with electrical appliances, power lines and cell phone technology, while negative ions are found to be most concentrated near waterfalls , forests and volcanoes.
Surrounding our bodies with negative ions can have an incredibly positive effect – mimicking the feelings that you often receive when surrounded by nature and enjoying fresh air to support overall health and wellbeing.
Ion Body Armour wristbands emit a high number of negative ions and can help to combat the positive ions found in abundance in our modern world.

Positive Ions and Their Effects

While positive ions are also found naturally, our modern lives are also responsible for the creation of an abundance of positive ions in the world around us.
Discharged by electrical appliances – such as those found in office environments – air conditioning units, radio and television transmitters and high voltage networks, long periods of exposure to positive ions are often attributed to feelings of fatigue and negative moods.
Surrounding ourselves with negative ions can help to combat the impact of positive ions: which is why Ion Body Armour products are the perfect natural boost to your everyday life.

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FAQ / About IBA Products

Our IBA products are made of high grade silicone infused with natural minerals which emit negative ions.

Negative ions effect everyone in different ways, depending on your age, lifestyle and the frequency of which you use IBA products.

However, in our experience customers have noticed improved sleeping patterns, with greater feelings of energy, alertness and general well being.

The use of holograms on competitors’ negative ion products is often purely for aesthetic reasons. As negative ions are infused within the silicone of our products we have chosen to refrain from using holograms to retain a more subtle, stylish design to ensure our bands are appropriate for everyday use.

Please consult a doctor or medical professional before using, although we have many satisfied customers who have worn our products during pregnancy. Rest assured, our products are free of magnets.

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FAQ / Wearing IBA Products

The size of wristband that you choose is entirely up to your own personal preference! While some prefer it to be loose and easily moved, others choose a snug fit. For ease, we’ve uploaded a size guide here – simply use this to measure around your wrist and either purchase the closest size to your wrist, or select the bigger size for a looser fit.

Whichever is more comfortable for you – the band will have the same effect regardless of what wrist it’s worn on.

IBA products can be worn 24/7 – and many of our customers have noted that doing so can often produce the most benefits.

IBA products are able to be worn while showering, bathing or swimming, although should be rinsed well after exposure to salt water or chlorine to preserve the colour and stretch of the band.

As IBA products are made from high grade silicone they are safe for most people to wear, however if you are severely allergic to rubber products we would not recommend using IBA products.

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FAQ / Shopping IBA Products

Having an account means that we can retain your delivery details and records of past orders, making it easier for you to purchase from us in the future.

Firstly we’d recommend checking that the email hasn’t been diverted to your Spam Mail folder by your mail server. If not, then you can log in to your account to check on the progress of your order: alternatively, contact us for more information or to report a problem.

We recommend allowing at least 4 – 5 working days from dispatch for your order to arrive. However, if your product has not arrived after this time it may be due to delivery problems from Royal Mail, in which case please contact us for more information and we will try to resolve the situation for you.

We’re happy to accept returns of IBA products after 40 days of purchase: please see our Returns Policy for more information.


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