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FAQ: Wearing IBA Products

What size of IBA wristband will I need?

The size of wristband that you choose is entirely up to your own personal preference! While some prefer it to be loose and easily moved, others choose a snug fit. For ease, we’ve uploaded a size guide here – simply use this to measure around your wrist and either purchase the closest size to your wrist, or select the bigger size for a looser fit.

Which wrist should I wear my IBA band on?

Whichever is more comfortable for you - the band will have the same effect regardless of what wrist it’s worn on.

How often should I wear my IBA band?

IBA products can be worn 24/7 – and many of our customers have noted that doing so can often produce the most benefits.

IBA products are able to be worn while showering, bathing or swimming, although should be rinsed well after exposure to salt water or chlorine to preserve the colour and stretch of the band.

Could IBA products cause a negative reaction?

As IBA products are made from high grade silicone they are safe for most people to wear, however if you are severely allergic to rubber products we would not recommend using IBA products.