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FAQ: About IBA Products

What are IBA products made from?

Our IBA products are made of high grade silicone infused with natural minerals which emit negative ions.

How will I know that IBA products are having an effect on me?

Negative ions effect everyone in different ways, depending on your age, lifestyle and the frequency of which you use IBA products.

However, in our experience customers have noticed improved sleeping patterns, with greater feelings of energy, alertness and general well being,

Other negative ion products I’ve seen feature holograms. Why don't IBA products?

The use of holograms on competitors’ negative ion products is often purely for aesthetic reasons. As negative ions are infused within the silicone of our products we have chosen to refrain from using holograms to retain a more subtle, stylish design to ensure our bands are appropriate for everyday use.

Can I use IBA products during pregnancy?

Yes – as our products do not contain magnets they are completely safe to use while pregnant.