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ION Body Armour Ireland 

We look forward to attending many events in Ireland.  More info to follow.

Scottish Golf Show - SECC

The ION Body Armour Team is delighted to be attending the Scottish Golf Show 2019.  For more information please see the Golf Show web site 

Pet Therapy, Glasgow "recommend using ION Pet Armour".

Pet Therapy is a Veterinary Rehabilitation centre. We specialise in treating dogs with various conditions including arthritis, orthopaedic ,and neurological conditions.  We design rehabilitation programmes for these dogs to improve their quality of life and to restore normal movement and function of their limbs. This involves a combination of hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture and osteopathy. We also tailor fitness programmes for sporting dogs and canine athletes to improve their performance in their individual field of sport. 

As such we were extremely interested in using the ION Pet Armour pet tags. We used them on a variety of dogs with different conditions. We routinely measure muscle mass and joint range of movement as part of our on going assessments. We found there was a definite positive response  in the animals wearing Ion Armour pet tags. The owners noticed positive behavioural changes and we saw some improvement in the dogs demeanour and movement. In several of the sporting dogs their performance was enhanced .

In light of our experience we would definitely recommend using the ION Pet Armour tags for your pet.

See more at: Pet Therapy 

Facebook "50" Competition.

We're delighted to be running a fantastic competition on Facebook - with every 50 new "likes" that our page receives, we'll be giving away an ION Body Armour Band! Visit our page to find out more, and don't forget to click "like" for your chance to win.

Brandon's Fund - Research & Treatment for Brandon Govendor & Duchenne Muscular Dysrophy.

Yesterday we met one of our customers young son Brandon who is 3 years old with a condition called Muscular Dystrophy. It was great to hear more information on the condition. Brandon's father Chris has set up a fund for the Research and Treatment for Brandon. On the 6th of July they are cycling 450 miles from Mull of Galloway to John O'Groats in 8 days. If you wish to donate or support this amazing wee boy suffering with this terrible life limiting illness.  Follow the Link:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brandons-Fund/149697078474192

Team GB Pamela Thorburn  - "The Snow Flake" Fundraiser Event - 8th September 2012.  

One for the diary.  We are delighted to be attending "The Snow Flake" Fundraiser Event @ the Grosvenor Hilton to raise money for Team GB Pamela Thorburn's ski season in preparation for the winter Olympic 2014. A night of dancing fun with some added surprises on the night. Please email  for more info. This is an open event so feel free to invite whoever you would like. Hope to see you there!  Pamela's Page